Floristic, Life Form, and Chorological Studies of Saldaran Protected Region, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Botany, Faculty of Sciences, Shahrekord University

2 Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran


Saldaran protected region with about 14,000 hectares is located at longitude 50º34ʹE and latitude 32º4ʹN at 115 km of southwest of Shahr-e Kord City. This area is one of the important genetic resources in the Zagros Mountains. In the present study, floristic elements, life forms, chorological analysis, protected status, pasture and poisonous plants were investigated. All specimens were collected during all vegetation seasons and in several stages from March 2015 to July 2017. A total of 267 species, 190 genera, and 56 families were identified. The results show that 11 families, 41 genera, 51 species were monocotyledon, 44 families, 148 genera, and 215 species were dicotyledon and 1 species belonged to Pteridophyta. Based on life form data, the species were hemicryptophyte (41%), therophyte (35%), geophyte (16%), phanerophyte (5%), chamaephyte (2%) and parasite (1%). In term of geographical distribution, Irano-Turanian chorotype was a major component (57%, 152 species) in this region. A total of 153 mono-regional, 61 bi-regional and 53 pluri-regional species were identified. In addition, 32 endemic, 106 pasture and 23 poisonous species were determined. In terms of protective status, the species were near threatened (47%) and endangered (3%). The data obtained from the present study is reported for the first time for Iran.


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