Chromosome Numbers for Some Erodium L'Hér (Geraniaceae) Species of Iran

Document Type: Research Article


Plant Sciences Department, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Alzahara University, Vanak, Tehran, Iran


Erodium (Geranaiceae) species are distributed in different habitats of Iran. Some species are of medicinal importance while some are well known weeds. There are no chromosome counts for Erdoium species of Iran. Chromosome numbers are given for six taxa of Erodium (Geraniaceae) from Iran: E. cicutarium (2n=36), E. ciconium(2n=18), E. malacoides (2n=20), E. moschatum (2n=20), E. neuradifolium (2n=20) and E. oxyrrhynchum (2n=20). Chromosome numbers of six studied taxa were recorded for the first time from Iran. Dispolidy is recorded for E. cicutarium for the first time. Observed chromosome numbers are mainly in concordant with previous data. Different ploidy in each species was not observed.


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